Support for your babywearing journey

Babywearing: The art or practice of carrying a baby or child on the wearer's chest, hip or back in a soft carrier made primarily of cloth.

I offer private, in-home consultations and small group instruction across New England to help you make the most of babywearing in your life. Whether you want to babywear simply as a means of transporting your child, or as part of a parenting philosophy, I would love to help you.

Worn babies cry less.

Thanks to benefits for postpartum anxiety, depression and mood disorders, many wearers cry less too! Babywearing is an excellent way to bond with your baby, soothe them, and is even more reliable for encouraging sleep than car rides. Babywearing can also support and enable a nursing relationship, as nursing in the carrier can make it easier to get out of the house and provides another option for discreet nursing for those who desire that.