Private, In-Home Consultations

Private consultations are offered in your home or other location of choice for up to two adult caregivers.  Add up to one additional caregiver for $20 per Consultation.  All caregivers must be primarily caring for the same child(ren). For larger crowds, please refer to our small group sessions. Most Consultations are 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your experience, interests and the number of caregivers present. Please check our service area for cities with complimentary transportation and contact us for a quote if you're further away. 

Scheduling tips: Ideally, select a time when your child is rested, fed, and freshly diapered. Plan to take breaks, as needed, to feed or soothe the baby - it's normal and expected! 

Complete 3 Consultation Package

$175 - save $50!

This package includes a Pre-Natal Consultation, a First Weeks Consultation, and a Get Moving Consultation plus unlimited email, text and/or video chat support as needed. 

Pre-Natal Consultation


I will meet you at your home or other location of choice with a wide selection of carriers to try and learn about. Learn how to manage all the fabric of a stretchy or woven wrap, try out a ring sling, and talk about whether a buckle carrier suits you best. 

Tip: Schedule this before creating a baby registry.

First Weeks Consultation


The first days and weeks are so wonderful and can be so overwhelming. I will assist you with finding and using carriers that work well for both wearer and baby. This consultation will cover best practices for newborn wearing, integrating kangaroo care and more.

Get Moving Consultation


For babies 3 to 12 months, this consultation will focus on building your babywearing skillset, ensuring you have a carrier that fits your growing child, and troubleshooting any challenges that may have come up as your child has started sitting up, crawling or walking. Often this consultation focuses on beginner back carry techniques.

Follow-up Consultations


For existing clients (in the last two years).  A custom session tailored to your needs and preferences will build on your existing skills, refresh skills you may not have used recently, and more.  $65 for the first hour and $50 to $65/hour for any additional time, depending on the complexity of skills to be covered.


Twins or Multiples Consultation


A longer Consultation focusing on wearing two (or more). Pricing dependent on the number of babies, caregivers, age of babies, and carrying techniques requested. Contact us for a customized proposal designed for your family. 


Special Needs Consultation


A longer Consultation, customized to the needs of your family.  Babies and children with special needs and/or medical complications frequently see significant benefits from babywearing. For caregivers with complex needs, babywearing may work best with some adaptations. 

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