Why Babywearing?

Babywearing helps to meet many needs for caregivers and babies.  


Baby wants to be held

They're just born that way.  Babies crave cuddles.  They want to be held for comfort, safety, warmth, food and more. Held babies develop neck and trunk muscles earlier due to the upright positioning, are less likely to develop a flat head and the biggest benefit - they cry less.  

Caregivers can be hands free

You've finally managed to get 20 minutes free.  You've cooked dinner.  It's hot, delicious, and there's no way you can eat because baby is crying to be held.  Enter babywearing - enjoy your meal, put in a load of laundry, push the grocery cart, walk your older child to school - the possibilities are endless. 

Skip the stroller & put down the bucket seat

Carrying the infant bucket car seat in the house when baby falls asleep in the car can be a great option for extending a nap.  But, the rest of the time, it's just heavy and awkward.  Strollers can be unweildy.  They're tough to navigate with in a crowd, and they don't work on stairs or off-road hiking.  Enter: babywearing.  Bring baby up to your level, into your "personal space" cocoon when you venture out into the world, and it's both easier and safer to navigate in crowds and stores.  If you can go, your baby can too.